Wii Fit Focus: The Body Test (Part Two)

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Well…we’re well into the third week and I have to say that I am LOVING the Wii Fit. I have not worked out this much since before I had my son.  I really needed some motivation and I can honestly say that it’s FUN.   I had no idea that there were so many different fitness activities.  I am always anxious to unlock new games and that is definitely a motivating factor.  I love being able to work out in the comfort of my own home, on my time.  This week I want to tell you a little bit more about the Body Test (I vlogged one of my body tests last week).  But…first I need to update you on my weight loss progress.  

This week,  I have to admit that I was not the best at adhering to my diet.  Those cupcakes from Bangerang just about threw me over.  Who could resist a chocolate cupcake?  Especially when it tastes as good as it looks.  So…here are my stats this week:

Weight:  138.2 

Goal Weight:  123.9

BMI:  27.87

Goal BMI: 24.98

Wii Fit Age: 35 (woo hoo!)

So…I still have about 14 pounds to lose by April 14 which means I’m probably going to have to give myself a little extra time.  With being sick I was set back on my goals about a week.  So…if you’re trying to lose weight before the summer, leave me a comment so that I can come visit your blog and we can keep each other accountable!


One of the things that is I highly recommend is the daily Body Test.  I like to see numbers…even if they’re the “wrong” numbers.  Seeing my weight and BMI helps me understand what I need to do to achieve my goals.  A very small part of the Body Test is a weight and BMI check.  But the Body Test is so much more than just a daily “weigh-in.”  It’s actually a series of activities that the system selects for you on any given day to give you an idea of how your body is performing over all (the end result being your Wii Fit age).  Some of the activities include measuring your center of balance (I’m always shifted a bit to one side) and body control.  Sometimes you have to shift your weight from side to side, other times they ask you to keep yourself balanced on one leg.  What I’ve come to realized is that the focus of the Wii Fit is not solely on weight loss.  The goal of the program is overall health and total body fitness.  Center of balance and posture are just as important as aerobics and strength training.  Stay tuned for more information on how the Wii Fit is helping me achieve total body fitness!  I can’t wait to tell you about some of the new games I unlocked including one of my all-time favorites!



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