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Temecula Berry Company

Temecula Berry Company

Located in Temecula, California, Temecula Berry Company grows 10 acres of southern highbush blueberries. Blueberries are one of the top super foods and high in anti-oxidants. They are also one of my kids absolute favorite fruits!

Blueberry Plant

U-Pick Blueberries + Tips

The farm is open weekends from 8 am to 6 pm. They will also open early on Saturday at 7am for anyone over 60.  The busiest time is typically from 10am-noon. There are 4 miles of plants which makes it easy to distance physically. Before you head over, be sure to check their website, Facebook, and/or Instagram @TemeculaBerryCo to ensure they have ripe berries and for the most up-to-date information.

Picking Blueberries
  • Bring cash. At present, they are not taking credit cards.
  • There are 3 picking containers available this year: small ($5), medium ($10), and large ($20). We found that the medium container was perfect. It held a TON of berries…enough to enjoy them fresh and enough to freeze for smoothies and muffins.
  • Masks are preferred at check-in and a personal decision once in the field.
  • The ripest blueberries are, you guessed it, blue! Avoid picking berries that are green. You may find that you have to look underneath the plants to find those cherished ripe blueberries.
  • Eating blueberries in the field is not allowed.
  • There is a small store where you can purchase blueberry jam, chutney, and syrup.
  • While you are at the farm, be sure to wander over to see the goats and chickens.
U-Pick Berries

Temecula Berry Company is located at 39700 Cantrell Road, Temecula, CA. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section. Happy berry picking!

Fresh Blueberries
Farm Patio
Flower Field
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L.A. Zoo’s Beastly Ball Goes Virtual Sat, 16 May 2020 00:47:25 +0000 The evening started with a Woma Python photo opp, so I knew that the L.A. Zoo’s annual Beastly Ball would be an event to remember. I was born and raised in LA, and yet, I had no idea that for 52 years, the L.A. Zoo was host to one of the most elaborate and important fundraisers. It was nearly one year ago today that we were feeding flamingos and enjoying some of the best food in LA in the name of conservation. This year, in light of our country’s shutdown due to COVID-19, Beastly Ball is going virtual.

Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association’s Beastly Ball

Beastly Ball is a critical fundraiser which supports the animal care and conservation work that takes place at the L.A. Zoo. The mission of the L.A. Zoo is to advocate for animal conservation and habitat preservation for some of the world’s most rare and vulnerable species, including the California condor, mountain yellow-legged frogs, and peninsular pronghorn antelope. Each year, the gala spectacular brings together celebrities, industry experts, city officials, and zoo supporters for a truly wild night of food, fun, and fundraising. 

Last year, the private, ticketed event hosted 800 guests and raised approximately $1.2 million for the protection of endangered animals. The event is truly unique in that guests are treated to a rare, after-hours look at the zoo. Once we checked in, we took a van to the designated, tree-lined route and began our delve into animal encounters and exotic culinary delights. Live music, keeper chats, animal feedings, and roaming wildlife-inspired entertainment added to the ambiance of the event. Beastly Ball culminated in one of the most impressive auctions I’ve experienced, where bidders vied for their chance to name one of the baby animals born at the zoo, enjoy breakfast with the L.A. Zoo elephants, and embark on a luxury island vacation.

Virtual Beastly Ball + Virtual Swag

This year, Beastly Ball is going virtual. The good news is that unlike previous events, which had limited capacity and a substantial starting price for tickets, anyone can enjoy Beastly Ball online this year. The LA Zoo wants you to put on your wildest outfit and join them online for their virtual Beastly Ball at 6:00 pm on May 15, 2020.

This year’s ball will feature an auction of 140 items including including a condor field experience for two, a “research experience” with the gorilla troop, stays in France, Antigua, St. Lucia and Barbados, a guitar signed by the members of Guns N’ Roses, a photo day with zoo photographer Jamie Pham, tickets to the Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Kings, a behind-the-scenes tour of Los Angeles City Hall by City Councilman Paul Krekorian and a $50 Vons gift card with a coveted four pack of toilet paper and a roll of paper towels. Auction bidding begins at 10 a.m. on Friday will close at 10 p.m. on May 17th.

Celebrate National Endangered Species Day while supporting the zoo’s commitment to protect endangered species during this year’s Beastly Ball.

Beastly Ball Swag

Download free L.A. Zoo Zoom backgrounds.

Download the free L.A. Zoo Spring Babies Coloring Book.

Learn how to draw four of the L.A. Zoo’s endangered species from a Disney artist!

Download the Beastly Ball Spotify Playlist.

Beastly Ball Food Offers and Discounts
Beastly Ball Recipes
Beastly Ball Blood Orange Spicy Chocolate Tart
Beastly Ball Cocktail Recipes
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SCOOB! Printables and Activity Sheets Tue, 12 May 2020 14:10:04 +0000 Saturday mornings as a child consisted of cartoons on the couch in my PJs as the smell of bacon permeated our home. My father loved Scooby-Doo, the cartoon series which featured a group of teens and their talking Great Dane who solved mysteries surrounding the supernatural. Their blunders are consistently entertaining and I always appreciated the themes of friendship and teamwork that permeated the series. The series garnered wide success, and the spin-off series and films are too numerous to count…a testament to the global appeal of Scooby-Doo. Warner Bros. Pictures’ latest film SCOOB! will be released on digital and Video On Demand Friday, May 15th, 2020.


Shaggy and Scooby Doo


SCOOB! is the untold story of Scooby-Doo’s origins. The film details how the friendship between Shaggy (a lonesome young boy) and Scooby-Doo (an adorable, homeless puppy) began and how they joined forces with Fred, Velma, and Daphne to become Mystery Inc.

Mystery Inc Scooby Doo

Since childhood, Shaggy, Fred, Velma, and Daphne have been solving mysteries all over the world with Shaggy’s pet dog Scooby-Doo. Now, with hundreds of cases solved and adventures shared, Scooby and the gang face the biggest and most challenging mystery of their careers: a plot that will unleash the legendary ghost dog Cerberus upon the world.  As they race to stop this “dogpocalypse,” they discover that Scooby has a secret legacy and an epic destiny greater than anyone imagined. Ruh-roh!

Film Synopsis

SCOOB! is a reboot of the Scooby-Doo film series and will be the first installment in a series of films within the Hanna-Barbera cinematic universe.

SCOOB! Printables, Activity Sheets, and Recipes

To celebrate the release of the film on digital and Video on Demand, download our free SCOOB! printables and activity sheets!

How to Draw Scooby Doo
SCOOB Monster Burgers
Scooby Doo Character Cupcakes
SCOOB DIY Character Cupcakes
SCOOB Character Cupcakes How To
Scooby Doo Mad Libs
Scooby Doo Crossword Puzzle
Scooby Doo Scavenger Hunt
Scooby Doo Printable Word Search
Scooby Doo Printable Mystery Machine Cutout
Scooby Doo Evil Bot Mask
Scooby Doo Bracelet Cutouts
Scooby Doo Mystery Quiz
Scooby Doo Printable Mystery Quiz
Scooby Doo Printable Maze
Scooby Doo Maze
Scooby Doo Connect the Dots
Scooby Doo Printable Connect the Dots
Scooby Doo Drawing Challenge
Printable Scooby Doo Drawing Challenge
Scooby Doo Printable Drawing Challenge
Scooby Doo Word Search
SCOOB Printable Maze
SCOOB Word Search
SCOOB Shaggy Scooby Coloring Page
SCOOB Coloring Page

Take a SCOOB Selfie at

Be sure to watch SCOOB! this Friday by visiting

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Girl Scouts at Home – Free Online Activities Fri, 08 May 2020 07:19:19 +0000 One of my daughter’s passions is her involvement in the Girl Scouts. In the past few months, her troop has spent the night on the USS Midway, taken a crash course in self-defense, and explored our city’s great outdoors. The stay-at-home order has prevented the girls from meeting together, and admittedly that has taken a toll on my daughter. But our girls are strong, and over the past several weeks, her troop has celebrated their leaders by creating tissue paper flower bouquets, earned their Simple Meals badge through a Zoom cooking demo, and put together a service project for our local hospital. I am grateful for the ingenuity of our leaders and how hard they have worked to keep the girls connected, inspiring them to change the world, even from their homes. Girl Scouts of Orange County recently debuted Girls Scouts at Home. This free online resource can be accessed by any girl looking to make the world a better place.

Girl Scouts at Home

Girl Scouts at Home

Girl Scouts at Home is a free, online resource which includes virtual self-guided activities for K-12 girls, online training and resources for Girl Scout  volunteers, and resources for assisting the community as Girl Scouts continue to look for opportunities to make the world a better place. As a parent, I love that these resources are free to all girls and their families regardless of membership.

Girl Scouts of Orange County

Girl Scouts at Home features at-home badge and patch programs, online meeting tools for troop leaders, and resources for assisting the community as Girl Scouts across the county continue to make the world a better place. The Creativity at Home patch encourages girls to be creative at home and share those activities and ideas with the Girl Scouts.

The Girl Scouts at Home resources feature a variety of activities based on Girl Scouts’ four Program Pillars (STEM, Outdoors, Life Skills, and Entrepreneurship), from using STEM to cook a meal to Community Service resources for helping during this unprecedented time.

Girl Scout Pins

Girl Scout Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors working towards Girl Scouts’ Highest Awards can continue to do so at home. The Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards challenge Girl Scouts to create solutions for issues they are passionate about and solve problems in their communities and around the world. Given the challenges that the pandemic poses for some Girl Scouts working towards their Highest Awards, Girl Scouts has extended the deadline for project submission to December 31, 2020.

For more information, visit GirlScoutsOcCorg/AtHome.

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Fresh Bread in Just 24 Hours with Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Bread Starter Kit Fri, 08 May 2020 05:00:00 +0000 Right before the Pandemic shutdown, my coworker brought in a loaf of freshly baked sourdough bread. Chef-turned-nurse, this wasn’t the first taste of her culinary expertise. But on this momentous occasion, she brought in ripe avocados, a variety of oils, and seasonings, and put together the most amazing avocado toast for our team. My bread-making experience is minimal, limited to no-fail bread machine recipes. So when I asked her for the recipe so I could make some of that sourdough goodness that evening, I was in for a rude awakening. After a dizzying discussion around sourdough starters, I drove to my local grocery store and picked up a loaf of bread, never looking at it the same way again. The task seemed daunting, so I put it out of my head. But my Facebook and Instagram feeds were constantly daring me to endeavor the feat of making bread from scratch. And then I received an email from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse that would give me the head start (ahem starter) I needed to make fresh bread.

Fresh Sourdough Bread


Sourdough Starter

It seemed easy enough. Two ingredients and five days to a fresh loaf of bread. But if it seems too good to be true, it usually is. My first endeavor to make a sourdough starter failed miserably. So I used a bread starter kit from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. Four weeks later, my sourdough starter is active and thriving. I’ve made several loaves of bread and used the sourdough discard for pancakes, banana bread, and cinnamon rolls. Here is how it works:

Mr Holmes Bakehouse Kit
Mr Holmes Bakehouse Baking Kits
Mr Holmes Bakehouse Bread Starter Kit
Bread Starter Kit

The kit includes the dry ingredients you need to make your bread starter and first loaf of bread. You’ll also receive very detailed instructions, a recipe, and a QR code to watch a video that details the process.

If you care for your starter well, you can make “1,000,000 loaves of bread” according to Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. You can choose to feed your starter, or put it into dormancy until you are ready to use it. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

Sourdough Starter

Who knew that yeast would be flying off the shelves as quickly as flour and toilet paper? Thankfully, you don’t need a single packet of yeast to make fresh sourdough bread…ever!

We enjoyed this bread right out of the oven, then sliced what was left for sandwiches. Admittedly, I never purchase store-bought varieties of sliced bread because I don’t find that they have the fresh, home-baked flavor and texture I expect from a bakery. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse makes it easy to make fresh bread without having to worry about the logistics of making a sourdough starter. Be sure to check out their other kits including a Brioche and Bagel Kit, a Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit, and a Pasta & Garlic Foccaccia Kit.

Mr Holmes Bakehouse
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