Why I’m Here…A Letter To My Readers

It’s Memorial Day, a day of remembrance.  And as I sit back and reflect on what that really means (men and women who FOUGHT for our freedoms and lost their lives over those freedoms), I can’t help but think about their passion…their zeal…their commitment. They believed in something so fervently, they were willing to die to protect it.  I can’t say there are many things in life I feel that way about, save my family.

I spent the past weekend in the serene San Bernardino mountains with just under 100 talented, passionate creative food writers.  While I am not technically a food blogger, I am passionate about healthy living, and inevitably, that goes hand and hand with food.  You’ve probably noticed more recipes this year, and my goal is to continue sharing those with you since I’m always striving to find meals that are healthy and satisfying to our palates.


One of the recurring themes of the weekend (and really, the last several months) was the desire to shift back towards community and relationships.  Some of you know my story…how my husband and I travel-blogged our way through Europe while working in Edinburgh, Scotland…how we found out we were pregnant with my first son only a few weeks after signing my second travel nursing contract with the facility I was assigned to…how I ended up on bedrest riddled with fear and uncertainty over the future of our unborn son…how I started this blog 6 years ago as a way to document our life in our new role as parents through photos and stories…

This blog has undergone many changes with regards to its look, tone, and feel.  I’d like to say it’s dynamic, ever-changing and growing.  What was once “Jason and Caryn,” a highly personal blog about the intricacies of our lives, is now Rockin’ Mama. If someone had told me 6 years ago what this would be…that I would STILL be doing this, I might have laughed.  But somehow, through this blog, I found a new side of myself that was previously undiscovered.  I found that I love writing more than I thought I did, would sometimes rather see the world through a lens, and have an incredible passion for travel with a bucket list pages long.

Despite the fact that Rockin’ Mama has evolved in many ways to become a lifestyle resource for moms, I’m still here…yearning to connect and relate to each one of you. I treasure each of your comments and the time you spend here. I know there are hundreds and thousands of blogs today, and the fact that there are readers coming back here from this blog’s inception, just blows my mind.

So why a letter?  And why today?  Recently, I stumbled upon Jenni’s Blog Every Day In May Challenge while reading my friend Christine‘s stories about her latest trip to Walt Disney World.  It really resonated with me because I have so many things I want to write about…for me, but don’t often have make time for.  It’s late in the month…very late. But that’s ok because I’m starting today and going to continue writing.  Sure, you’ll still see recipes, crafts (I have a fun DIY featuring an uber trendy ombre dye technique coming up this week), photos, and giveaways (who doesn’t love a giveaway?)…but I’m also striving to give you more of ME.  I want to go back to those days when this blog was “Jason and Caryn” and I shared the funny, difficult, poignant aspects of my life.  I’m here for you…so let me ask you…

Why are you here? I’d love to find out more about what brings you back here each day.


Love always,



3 Responses to “Why I’m Here…A Letter To My Readers”

  1. Erin T. — May 29, 2013 at 5:07 am

    I hear you. This year I have been trying to bring more of me back into my site. That’s what really differentiates the blogs – the write behind the blog. If you get lost behind too many reviews, sponsored posts or press releases you lose what is most valuable about your site, your individual voice.

  2. Emilie — May 29, 2013 at 5:47 am

    I understand completely. It is so difficult when you are inundated with awesome requests that get hard to turn down and yet you find yourself getting lost in your own blog. I do try and put my individual voice into every post but it is tough for sure!

  3. Sheena — July 1, 2013 at 8:25 pm

    That a girl. I can’t wait to read more of your personal posts. *hugs*

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