Kellogg’s New Cereal Line-Up! #GreatStarts

During the week, breakfast is often a rushed, haphazard affair, and despite my best attempts at planning, I still find myself running out the door with a banana in hand as an afterthought. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and it’s also the most important so regardless of how much time we have in the mornings, I never let my children leave the house without eating…even if its something as simple as a bowl of cereal.

Like most kids, my son and daughter will choose the sweeter cereal varieties in our cupboard every single day.  I appreciate the fact that kid-specific cereals like Frosted Flakes (a favorite in our household) contribute less than 5 percent of a child’s daily intake of sugar. Another favorite of ours, Rice Krispies, contains just 4 grams of sugar!

Kellogg's New Cereals

This year, Kellogg’s introduced several brand new cereals, and while each one is tasty in its own unique way, we have concluded that Cinnamon Jacks and Special K Chocolatey Strawberry must be in our kitchen at all times!

Kellogg's New Cereals

The three other varieties you’ll find in stores include Scooby-Doo, Mini-Wheats Crunch, and the brand new Monsters University Limited Edition Cereal that I absolutely must get my hands on!

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Jacks

I grew up eating Apple Jacks, so Kelloggs’ new twist on an old favorite is divine.  As the title suggests, Brown Sugar Cinnamon Jacks is a lightly sweetened cereal with a prominent but not overwhelming cinnamon flavor.

Scooby Doo

For parents looking to introduce their children to whole grains, Scooby-Doo cereal is a great way to show them that these types of cereals can still taste good. The bone-shaped cereal bites also make breakfast fun!

Special K Chocolatey Strawberry

While not necessarily targeted towards children, my kids could not stop eating the Special K Chocolatey Strawberry cereal.  For some reason, I kept dreaming thinking about chocolate-covered strawberries as I ate this cereal.

Mini-Wheats Crunch

To be completely honest, Mini Wheats is probably my least favorite cereal.  While the flavor is actually quite tasty, I can’t get over the texture, which is why I actually quite enjoy Mini-Wheats Crunch.  This is the first non-shredded cereal from Kellogg’s and offers a nice crunch!

Perfectly timed for Pixar’s latest animated release, Monsters University Limited Edition Cereal is comprised of a vanilla multigrain cereal with Mike and Sulley-inspired marshmallows.  I cannot wait to try this cereal!

Breakfast Fun

Each of the above cereals can be found in stores nationwide.

Disclosure: This is part of a compensated campaign with Kellogg’s.  All opinions remain my own.

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