Product Reviews

Of course, I’m always looking for great products or services to review and share with my readers! If you’d like to submit your product for review on, please look over the following guidelines prior to submission. As always, feel free to contact me (caryn at rockinmama dot net) should you have any questions.

1. I review products for families and children from baby to toddler, as long as they are safe and appropriate. Not all products may be a great fit for my readers; if I feel your product or service does not quite meet the demographic of my readers I will contact you to discuss the reason.

2. I do not charge for product reviews. All I ask is that you send the product along with some marketing material for me to read prior to the review.

3. Please contact me prior to sending additional new products for review.

4. If you would like the product returned, please include packaging and a return shipping label.

5. After receipt of the product it will take approximately 2-4 weeks for the review to be posted on the site. If you have a timeline you would like me to adhere to, please communicate that with me. I am flexible but believe in providing a thorough review of all products.

6. Please leave a way for me to contact you should I have questions about the product.

7. If you would like to read the review prior to it going “live” please let me know ahead of time. Occasionally, there will be a product or service that I am unable to give a favorable review for. In that case, I will contact you to discuss your desires.

8. If you are running a promotion, please let me know ahead of time so I can include that information in my review.

9. Giveaways in conjunction with a product review are a great way to create interest and buzz for your product and company. I am more than happy to facilitate this on my blog, but ask that you provide a method of shipping to the winner. Please let me know if you are interested in a giveaway so that we can discuss the options.